I’m thankful for all the services provided by the team. They has understood our requirements and urgencies and has been quick and proactive in catering to our needs especially to make our life easier and provide a “best in class” and “up to date” solutions for our accounting needs

  Matthieu sergent

Approached Oaktree for advisory to streamline our current workflow processes. Great creative ideas were given and our issues on hand or rather “pain-points” (how Oaktree refers them) was resolved by implementing a minor cloud-based ecosystem for our department.
Greatly appreciate the fast response time, even on weekends which ensued smooth work progress. Thank you Oaktree for the superb service! Highly recommended!

  Siyin Low

Really pleased with Oaktree’s professionalism and service!The implementation and recommendation of the solutions propelled my business’s productivity and like their slogan, I have achieved more with less! Thumbs up Oaktree, keep up the good work!

  Trevor Teo

Very experience team, manage to solve my accounting issues within timeline, highly recommended

  Fi ve

Appreciate the free xero support which really helps me to understand using xero better!! 👍


Experienced & knowledgeable team! Extremely pleased with the services rendered by Cloud Solutions

  Christian Haran