About Us

About Us

Oaktree Cloud Solutions is an energetic and young team formed by a group of experienced CPA cloud accounting enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of innovative and pioneering cloud solutions.

We are adept at enhancing businesses operational efficiencies by streamlining laborious workflow processes, reduce copious amounts of paperwork and documentation leveraging on available technology and going paperless entirely.

In addition, we are experts in apps advisory and integrations, attaining an awesome track record of addressing all pain-points of each business unit from a wide spectrum of industries.

There is no question that the accounting industry is going through a monumental change and technology is at the core of that change. Technology should not be feared, technology will put us on a pedestal to achieve more with less and achieving productivity breakthroughs.

Conventionally, everyone assumed tons of paperwork are par for the course for accountants, well they are wrong in this era of disruptive technology. With technology, there will not be a need for manual data entries nor duplications of workflow processes.

At Oaktree, we strive and deliver our utmost to build a user-friendly and effective integrated accounting and operations cloud ecosystem for our clients. We train our clients to perform accounting using this ecosystem and remain as an advisor to address any issues and advising on all related matters.

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